City Sleep Light

installation for a city

Antoine Schmitt


- Media Facades Festival 2010 videos - Fête des Lumières Lyon 2011 - City Pulses


Living City Pulse

This pulse of the City Sleep Light has an organic dynamics : its rhythm and shape are similar to organic pulses like heartbeat, respiration or braiwaves. As organic animals, we humans are programmed to recognize and be very sensitive to such pulses. We interpret their dynamics as psychological and physiological clues about the internal state of the entity that produces them. Is it peaceful or aggressive, excited or sick, anxious or stressed ? The intuitive and unconscious analysis of a pulse helps us get deeply in contact with the internal state of its owner.

The City Pulse is slightly different every night because it is influenced by the general spirit of the city, considered as a large living entity. For example, the pulse will be different in periods of crisis or of peacefulness, in a storm or in sunny weather... The City Pulse has a sensitivity to the general state of the city, as interpreted from a mixture of socio-economic markers, like for example the weather state and change, the air quality, the amount of car and train trafic, the stock market activity and level, the level of internet trafic, the local news and events, etc... This analysis may be done automatically by an algorithm, or through daily human interpretation, like it was during the Media Facades Festival 2010 and Fête des Lumières Lyon 2011.

The City Pulse is slightly different each night, anxious or stressed, peaceful or excited, etc... and this daily variation reinforces the feeling of empathy between the viewers and the city.

Live City Pulses

Display the City Pulse on your computer or on your smartphone !

The City Pulses that were set up during the various occurences of City Sleep Light are available through the internet, so that you can display a City Pulse in your browser on your computer's screen or your smartphone and make your room and your window pulse in sync with the city's sleep, or better : pulse in synch with your city while walking in the street ! You can connect to and pulse with the sleep of the city where you currently reside, or for travellers and expatriates, you can connect to your home town and pulse in sync with its sleep from the other side of the world.

Instructions :

• Select a City Pulse below
• Click on the fullscreen button
• Turn off the lights of your room : your room pulses with your city
• Open your curtains : make your window pulse in sync with your city


>Available live online City Pulses